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13 Signs of a Trashy Parent That is Making Life Hard for Their Children

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Much like a solitary tainted apple compromising the entire barrel, the actions of a few individuals can overshadow an entire group. Within the realm of parenthood, those raising children frequently face intense scrutiny, their parenting skills and their children’s behavior subjected to judgment. Unfortunately, in today’s society, the line between good and bad parenting is becoming progressively hazy, with the actions of inadequate parents at times unjustly staining the reputation of even the most dedicated ones.

An online conversation started asked, “What screams trashy parents?”

1. Competing With Children

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It takes a special type of low self-esteem or personality disorder to compete with your child or even your child’s friends.

An online user says an example of trashy parents, “Mothers who see their daughter as competition.”

2. Being A Mean Parent

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A parent is supposed to be their child’s cheerleader and source of kind words. A user says her Mom was, unfortunately, the source of negative feedback in her life.

She says, “I recently got a new hair color and style. Even after a week of doing it, I am still getting compliments from friends and families on group chats. My mom tells people off for complimenting me. She says I am not that beautiful or special that I am getting compliments like this. I am 44 and I am finally realizing the trauma that I carried since childhood because of her.”


3. Influencers Whose Content Is Their Children

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Influencing became a job, and some people decided to make their children content to make money online.

One way to spot trashy parenting is “Social media influencers whose entire content is their children.”

4. Seeking Sympathy From a Child’s Disability

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Parenting a child with special needs is tough, but using that experience to gain public sympathy and feel good about yourself as a parent is pitiful.

One online user says, “I’m autistic, and my grandmother, who raised me, used to do that all the time. Any chance of getting sympathy points and she would go on and on about how hard it was to raise a child in a “mental wheelchair”, which is demeaning for a number of reasons.”

5. Exposing Kids Online Indecently

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Trashy parents will do anything for a like and a follow, including taking and posting indecent photos of their children online.

A user says, “There’s a lady on TikTok who posts constant videos of her daughter naked in the bath. And the number of ped****** commenting how they couldn’t wait until she was older was disgusting.”

That must have been a wake-up call to stop posting such photos, right?

It wasn’t. All she did was “Turn off all comments so people will stop harassing her about taking down those videos. And keeps on posting for the pedos.”

6. Havoc In Public Places

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Children need to be controlled sometimes, mostly in public, enclosed spaces. It’s even worse if the child[ren] breaks things that others may be forced to pay.

“I worked at a pet/retail store and the owner would bring her toddler sometimes and he’s run around knocking things off shelves and banging on pet tanks and the employees were the ones who had to clean everything up and chase after him trying to prevent damage or animals being bothered.”

7. Excusing Bad Manners

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Kids make mistakes, and excusing all their mistakes is the raw material for bringing up entitled children who think the world owes them everything.

One online user says, “My sister-in-law does this. Her kid could set someone on fire, and she’d go “well, it’s not HIS fault she has on such flammable clothes!”

8. Aiding And Abetting Kid’s Crime

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Sometimes, sad as it may be, kids may make huge mistakes as they grow older. Arguing that children shouldn’t suffer consequences for their actions because their lives will be ‘ruined’ is a bad example of parenting.

9. Feeding Kids Unhealthy Food All The Time

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If you don’t feed your child healthy food, they will likely get sick or develop lifestyle diseases while very young.

A user says, “I know someone whose kids teeth were all rotten because they’d put him to bed with a bottle of orange juice every night. And they were b****ing about the dentist, going “it’s not my fault. He always sleeps with a bottle of juice in his mouth. He’ll cry if I don’t let him”. Like it’s the kids fault and the kid makes the decisions.”

10. Letting Kids Rule You Over

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Kids don’t like rules and will run all over you if you let them. As a parent, you must put your foot down where boundaries are concerned. Parents that are afraid to be the “boss” and parent at home can raise some mean, entitled kids. They don’t have to be harsh or cruel, just in charge.

11. Emotional Blackmail

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Some parents resort to emotional blackmail when the kids don’t seem to toe the line.

An online commenter says trashy parents are “Parents emotionally blackmailing their kids. Using guilt and obligation to control their children.”

12. Drinking While Pregnant

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Drinking alcohol when pregnant is the height of trashy and a declaration that you really don’t care for the child you’re carrying.

13. Being a Sore Loser

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Someone writes, “Cussing out the officials at a little league game. Telling your child to punch another player they tripped over.” What terrible habits to teach our children.


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