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12 Things That Prove the US Isn’t as Free as We Like to Believe

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Like citizens of numerous other nations, even the land of the brave occasionally faces moments of uncertainty. Observers often scrutinize the actions, attitudes, and ideologies of Americans, prompting them to inquire, “What were they thinking?”

An online forum conversation starter sought to know the little things that others hate about America. It’s not personal, we promise.

1. The Unhealthy Greasy Food

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When it comes to restaurant foods, all days are fry days in America. An online forum contributor says, “Restaurants don’t know how to cook with low salt/ low fat. Everything has to be drenched in oil or grease, even the healthier stuff.”

2. Toilet Stalls

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Is there a logical explanation to why American public toilets have spaces at the bottom and even more space at the top?

One user says one of America’s greatest errors is, “SHORT TOILET STALLS.”

With their heights, the Swedes would be unhappy in American toilets.

3. Work-Life Imbalance

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The rat race is tough in many parts of the world, but the USA seems to be the epicenter.

One online commenter says one of the things America gets wrong even today is, “Ping pong tables at the workplace instead of a good work-life balance.”

4. Mass Shootings

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This must be the most horrific and sad thing that happens in America. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if something permanent could be done about it?

An online user says, “I don’t know because I haven’t been to very many other countries, but I know we have the most mass shootings.”

5. Misleading News Media

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The world has become a global village, and as communication technology advances more every day, America has seen the rise of more media channels than ever before.

However, this comes with its fair share of negativity. One user says, “News and media is so misleading it’s almost laughable.”

This is not just an American problem, honestly.

6. Healthcare System

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The American healthcare system is for tears, and many people feel it doesn’t provide adequate coverage for all citizens. The high costs of medical treatment is a major headache for many Americans.

7. Lack of Paid Leave

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Imagine a developed country without mandatory paid family and medical leave. Now stop imagining because that’s America. This is detrimental to work-life balance and family well-being.

8. Income Inequality

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The disparity in income inequality is baffling, with some earning several times more than others. Some people think that American policies seem to favor the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the middle and lower classes. It appears to all depend on what side you’re on.

9. A Thumb On The Justice Scales

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The justice system in America is many things, but it’s not just. Many people agree, especially with unfair incarceration rates targeting particular races. Allegations of police brutality have been rampant, and this is a major blot on America’s fabric.

10. Weighty Issue of Obesity

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A huge percentage of the American population lives on the obese side of life, thanks to unhealthy eating habits (and other lifestyle choices). It seems all the greasy fast foods are showing, and it’s not a healthy sight.

11. Wealth Disparity

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Critics highlight the significant wealth gaps in the U.S., which they believe hinder social mobility and economic fairness.

12. Education System

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The U.S. education system is critiqued for disparities in funding, quality, and accessibility based on socioeconomic factors.


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