Coterie Diapers: Mom Hacks

3 Hacks Every Mom Should Know

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Life’s challenges increase once you have kids. There are fewer spontaneous vacations, less sleep, a lot more worry, and diapers! Still, I wouldn’t change a thing.

When I had my two kids (a daughter 3 and a son 18 months), it took a long time to get into a workable routine and provide them with the best of everything. Finding the best isn’t easy – it involves a lot of trial and error. 

I never hit anything right on my first try, but after a few months, I finally hit the right flow. 

Here are 3 ways I’ve streamlined my week: 

1. Smart Devices

It feels good to be a 21st-century mom. The do not disturb feature on any smart device truly helps me shut off and put my phone away, giving me a chance to decompress from the day.  

Sleep has become a luxury. But I’ve discovered that white noise helps me immensely and my rain sounds app is a must. I even started meditating for a few minutes with my Alexa to help me de-stress and to calm my racing mind. 

I have become increasingly dependent on my Alexa as it delivers my morning news and gives me nutrition tips. I’ve even arranged for my lamps to be powered through my phone so I’m already under the covers before the lights go out. 

Brain fog is an unfortunate side effect of newborn-induced sleep deprivation, so using apps to check that my house is locked, the lights are off, and everything is in its place keeps me from triple-checking or leaving something on.

Investing in smart devices gives me back so much valuable time every day. 

2. Subscribe to Coterie

It took a while to find the right diaper brand, but when I did I got the best-of-the-best – Coterie. Their diapers are incredibly soft, fragrant-free, and perfectly fit my son. They are also made without harmful ingredients like chlorine, parabens, dyes, lotions, phthalates, and heavy metals – which was essential

The diapers have a strip down the middle that turns from yellow to blue when it’s wet, making sure I know exactly when to get my son into a fresh diaper. This has helped me numerous times, especially when we are in the park. (I also read that There’s also a breathable top layer and an incredibly soft backsheet that’s made out of 3d material which is exclusive to Coterie! I’m sure my son loves the softness.)

Since I started using Coterie, I’ve noticed that my son has no diaper rash and my laundry load has reduced – I haven’t had those 7-outfit and double laundry days anymore. They have double the capacity of other diapers, a quicker-wicking tech and an incredibly fast drying speed, which helps me and my son sleep soundly through the night without tossing and turning due to a wet diaper. Because both moms and babies need a good night’s sleep! 


High-quality diapers made without harmful ingredients

Absorbent core ensures that there are practically no leaks

Shop The Diaper

Their absorbent core and side cuffs ensure that there are absolutely no leaks, which means my son can sleep as long as he needs and I don’t have to worry about a mess. Coterie is also 25% plant-based which is just an added bonus. 

Since I’ve been using these 3 methods, my life as a mom has been sooo much less stressful!

Coterie offers free standard shipping on orders over $49 and a 10% off on subscriptions. They also have an auto refill and SMS management model so you never have to worry about running out. Plus, there’s a 100% happiness guaranteed policy and you can delay, skip or cancel a shipment at any time. 

3. To-Do Lists

Having a to-do list was essential for me even before motherhood. Now, I need to know exactly what to pick up from the grocery store on the way home and on which day my kids have after-school activities. 

Keeping track of it was getting more and more complicated until I started using Notion. It was incredible! I could input everything I needed to do and also knew exactly what I had already done – so it was as simple as ticking it off a list. It’s also super customizable, so I could use fonts and colors that really resonated with me, as well as view all my tasks by day, week, or month

Apart from just keeping track of items, I could also take notes. So I knew when my children’s next PTA meeting would be and when to have cupcakes ready for the bake sale. It stopped me from leaving things until the last minute and the extra planning even allowed me to save time and relax with the family. 

Streamline your and your baby’s daily rituals with Coterie’s high-performance diapers. Once you subscribe, you’ll never look back! 

Superior absorbency. Soft as cashmere. Use Code 10EXTRA For An Additional 10% Off Subscriptions For New Customers!

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