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Where to Donate Baby Items: How to Give Back and Help Babies in Need

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Babies are undoubtedly some of the most adorable and innocent beings on earth. They depend on their parents or caretakers for everything they need, including clothing, food, and toys. 

However, not all babies are fortunate enough to have access to these necessities. Many families worldwide struggle to provide for their little ones, and some cannot afford to buy the essentials for their babies- even in Western cultures like the US. This is where donations play a vital role. When you donate baby clothes, baby food, and toys, you can make a significant impact on the lives of babies in need, and there are many charities and organizations around the world that collect these donations.

What Baby Items to donate

If you have extra: 

  • New or gently used baby clothes
  • Baby food 
  • Baby bedding (crib sheets, crib mattresses, etc.)
  • Feeding supplies (baby bottles
  • Baby toys your child has outgrown (stuffed animals, books, etc.) 
  • Any other helpful new or used baby gear

Then, you can donate baby items to a charitable organization that accept items like these. You can donate more oversized items like nursery furniture (baby beds, bouncy seats, swing, etc.), strollers, and car seats (as long as the car seats are new or haven’t been damaged in an accident). You can also consider maternity clothes for donation too for needy moms. 

The first step in doing this is to sort through your items and identify those still in good condition. Clothing stained, torn, or excessively worn should be discarded as it is unlikely useful to anyone. Similarly, baby food that has passed its expiration date should be thrown away as it may not be safe for consumption. Once you have identified the items that can be donated, it’s time to find a charity or organization that collects baby items.

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Where to Donate Baby Items

Let’s review the top donation spots for used baby items:

Salvation Army

One of the most well-known organizations that collect baby items is the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has donation centers across the United States, and they accept a wide range of items, including baby clothes, formula, and baby gear. When donating to the Salvation Army, it’s essential to ensure that the items are clean and in good condition. 

The Salvation Army also accepts monetary donations, which can help them purchase new items for needy babies.


Another organization that collects baby items is Baby2Baby, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that provides low-income children aged 0-12 years with basic necessities. The organization accepts new and gently used baby items, including clothing, diapers, and toys. 

Baby2Baby distributes these items through a network of social service partners, including homeless and domestic violence shelters, Head Start programs, and hospitals.

Other Local Charities

In addition to these organizations, many local charities and non-profit organizations collect baby items. These organizations may have specific requirements for the items they accept, so it’s important to check their websites or call them before donating. Some organizations may only accept new items, while others may accept gently used items. Some organizations may also have specific requirements for the type of baby food they accept, such as organic or non-GMO products.

If still, you’re unsure where to donate your baby items, consider contacting local shelters or social service organizations. These organizations often have programs for families with young children who may need baby items such as clothing, formula, and toys. By donating to these organizations, you can help ensure that families in your community have access to the resources they need to provide for their little ones.

Places to check include:

  • Homeless shelters, particularly women’s shelters 
  • Hospitals or children’s clinics
  • Early childhood interventions programs (such as Head Start)
  • A local food bank or pantry
  • Churches that help families and babies in need

Other Options for Certain Baby Items

In addition to the organizations mentioned above, there are many other ways to donate baby items and support families in need. 

One such way is through local diaper banks. These organizations collect and distribute diapers to families who cannot afford them and often accept other baby items. Diaper banks can be found in many cities and towns across the United States, and they are always in need of donations.

Another way to support families in need is by donating (items or money) to organizations that provide support for mothers and pregnant women. These organizations often provide essential items such as baby clothes, blankets, and diapers to new and expectant mothers. They may also offer prenatal care, parenting classes, and other support services. Donating to these organizations can help ensure that mothers and their babies have access to the resources they need to thrive.

In addition to donating physical items, you can support organizations that advocate for policies that benefit families and children. These organizations ensure families can access affordable healthcare, childcare, and other resources to help them provide for their children. You can help create a better future for all children by supporting these organizations.

Worldwide organizations you can donate to include:

  • Little Village HQ
  • Share Baby
  • Growbaby international
  • UNICEF (for monetary donations)

No Baby Items to Donate? Other Ways to Help

Another way to donate, other than a monetary donation, is with time and expertise to organizations supporting needy families- the most precious resource of all. 

Many organizations rely on volunteers to help sort donations, distribute items, and provide support services to families. Volunteering your time can directly impact the lives of families in your community.

If you have items unsuitable for donation, you can also try to sell baby items online or in a garage sale. Then, you can donate a percentage of the proceeds to your favorite charity that supports struggling families. 

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The Benefits of Donating Baby Items

When donating baby items, it’s important to be mindful of the impact of your donations. While donating new items is always great, gently used items can also be valuable. 

By donating used items, you’re not only helping families in need, but you’re also reducing waste and helping to create a more sustainable future. However, it’s essential to ensure that your donated items are still in good condition and safe for use.

Finally, it’s important to remember that donating to charity is not only good for the recipients but also for your own well-being. Studies have shown that giving to charity can boost happiness and reduce stress. By donating your baby items to charity, you’re not only helping families in need, but you’re also giving yourself a boost of feel-good hormones.

Final Considerations for Donating Baby Items

When donating baby items, it’s important to remember that these items are meant to help families in need. 

Do not donate items that are:

  • Dirty, torn, or stained items
  • Have missing parts or pieces
  • Are not safe for babies due to recalls

Instead, items should be:

  • Clean
  • In good condition (new to good)

In addition, it’s also important to consider the season when you donate baby clothes. For example, if you’re donating baby clothes in the winter, consider donating warm clothing like jackets, hats, and mittens. (Although, don’t let that stop you from donating certain items- they can always use them later).

Donating Items Can Help Babies in Need

The next time you clean your child’s closet or pantry, consider donating the items to a charitable organization. You’ll not only be helping babies in need, but also doing your part in creating a better world for everyone. Ultimately, you can help ensure that baby essentials reach families that need them most.

In conclusion, donating your baby items to charity is a simple yet powerful way to support needy families. By donating new or gently used items to organizations that collect baby clothes, baby food, and toys, you can help ensure families have access to the resources they need to provide for their little ones. 

Whether you donate physical items, volunteer your time, or support organizations that advocate for policies that benefit families and children, you can directly impact the lives of those in need. You’ll be helping babies in need and playing a small yet impactful role in creating a better world for everyone.

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