Best Water Bottle for Breastfeeding: Top 5 to Keep Mama Hydrated!


Did you know that staying hydrated is especially important when breastfeeding? Not only does drinking enough fluids help keep your milk supply up, but it’s also essential for your own health. 

1. Venture Pal 32 Oz Motivational Water Bottle for Breastfeeding Mom

Straw + Tracker + Motivational Quote = A Winner!

2. A Simple Modern Tumbler

This cup is easily accessible with a straw and keeps your water cold for hours.

3. The Tried and True Thermoflask

This highly reviewed stainless steel water bottle is an easy choice. It comes with both a straw and screw-on lid option.

4. Classic Wide Mouth Bottle with a Straw: The Hydroflask

This water bottle is perfect for those that want cold water on the go.

5. Best Glass Bottle: The Mama Bottle

This easy-to-clean sleek design with a silicone sleeve was designed specifically for moms.

Drinking plenty of water is crucial during breast- feeding, as dehydration can cause problems for both mom and baby.