Love On a Dime: 64 Cheap Date Night Ideas That Sparkle  


Who says you can’t plan a fun cheap date night while you’re on a budget or living on one income? Truth be told, you can have an inexpensive date night without breaking the bank. The key is to use your imagination – it’s part of the fun!

A good old binge watch movie marathon with some popcorn can lead to a much-needed relaxation time as a couple. 

Have A Movie Marathon

Have A Game Night

Enjoy a board game date that will leave you both laughing and strategizing your way to victory!

Go to The Baseball Game

Scope some cheap baseball game ticket out and enjoy a game. You can go for a walk or window shopping later.

Cook Epic Tacos

Have fun creating epic Taco combinations with both of your favorite ingredients & rate your cooking skills..

Go to The Park

Pack a picnic basket with some sandwiches, fruits & play equipment. Relieve the fun!

Go For a Late Night Walk Around your Neighborhood

Take a walk around at late night and maybe play at the swings too.

Rent a Tandem Bike and Explore The City

Rent a bike & become a tourist for the day and check out 5 hotspots in your city. 

Having cheap and fun date nights does not automatically mean you have to spend a ton of money. While a couple of my easy date night ideas were slightly over $50, they weren’t by much.