20 Ideas for a Fun Date That Will Deepen Your Connection


Good news: there are plenty of fun date ideas out there. Here are 20 ideas for a fun date that you won’t regret! 

1. Take a Local Cruise

Plenty of cities offer local river cruises for a cheap date. Take Boston, New York, or Sydney, for example. 

2. Learn a TikTok Dance

This is a fun date idea that you can easily do at home. And don’t worry! If you’re not the best dancers, it will at least make you laugh, which has been proven to bring people together. 

3. Create an Ice Cream Bar

Grabbing ice cream is one of the more laid-back first date ideas that often come to people’s minds.  

4. Visit a Botanical Garden

At first, botanical gardens can seem a bit boring for a date. They are, however, an easy date idea to level up for more fun. 

5. Go Skating 

Whether ice skating in the winter or rollerblading in the summer, skating is one of the ideas for a fun date you won’t regret.  

6. Try a New Class Together

Many classes are fun to try with a partner. Some classic ones include tango classes and painting classes. More creative ones include pottery classes and indoor climbing classes.  

7. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun ways to spice up your dating routine. You can create one for any event or location, whether for a random date night at home or an outdoor park date. 

After all, any romantic date should represent the deep love you feel for your significant other.