Bump, Set, Recharge: Overcoming Fatigue in Pregnancy in 11 Natural way

By Mombloglife

You don’t click on a post about pregnancy fatigue unless you feel like you’re hitting a wall every day, no matter what you do. I can feel you, Mama.


I ramped up my water intake during my pregnancy , and I found a small boost in my overall energy levels 

Drink Lots Of Water

You will feel energized after you finish working out, and that energy normally carries through for a couple of hours .

Have A Regular Exercise Routine


Stock up on foods that are iron-rich, protein-packed, and full of fiber, these foods will help give you the energy boost you need to keep going. . 

Eat A Healthy And Balanced Pregnancy Diet


Keeping your body on regular sleep patterns does wonders to combat pregnancy fatigue 

Keep The Same Sleep Routine


Taking a prenatal supplement will help you combat pregnancy fatigue by making sure you get enough vitamins and nutrients. 

Take A Prenatal Supplement


Fruit is fine in moderation, but skip the sugary goods as much as you can in order to combat pregnancy fatigue. 

Try To Avoid Sugary Food


Taking a 20-minute power nap can do wonders to rejuvenate you and give you some much-needed energy.  

Take A Nap


Treating myself to some self-care was one of the best ways I combat and beat pregnancy fatigue. 

Practice Regular Self-Care


Put down your phone, put up your feet, and treat yourself to consistent relaxation. 

Relax Before Bed


The biggest thing to remember is to do activities that will promote restful sleep at night. Go to bed at a time when you can guarantee you’ll get at least 8 hours of solid sleep.