8 DIY Lip Masks to Prep Your Pout for Summer


Here are 8 DIY lip masks and treatments to prep your lips for the summer months ahead. Using all-natural ingredients, these masks offer a serious dose of moisture to leave your lips looking their best...

1. Aloe Lip Treatment

Aloe vera is known as an effective natural remedy for sunburns, but it also offers a powerful dose of moisture to the skin.

2. Rose Petal Lip Mask

Rose petals offer a wide variety of skin benefits, including natural oils that help retain moisture in the skin.

3. Lavender Lip Scrub

Lavender oil offers serious moisture for dry, chapped lips.

4. Chocolate Lip Scrub

Raw cocoa powder can be a great ingredient to improve the skin’s appearance. 

5. Tropical Lip Scrub

Fruits like strawberries and kiwis offer a boost of vitamin C, which increases moisture.

There’s nothing like a little “me” time and TLC for you lips to make you feel like a new mom.