50 Fun and Unique Gender Reveal Ideas You’ll Love

By Mombloglife


Check out these gender reveal ideas to figure out what your future party might look like and how you can make it happen...

Print cards with riddles for your guests to solve and place the corresponding clues around your party venue

1. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Everyone can write which sex they’re predicting for your baby and place votes in a jar. Tally the results to confirm the correct sex and award prizes.

2. Host a Group Vote

Ask your doctor for the gender in a sealed envelope and hand it to someone you trust. They can order a piñata with pink or blue confetti in it.

3.  Hit a Piñata

Fill a giant balloon with blue or pink confetti that matches your baby’s gender. Get great photos of the confetti exploding and make fun memories.

4. Pop a Balloon

For this simple gender reveal idea, the cake flavor could hide under white icing or it could contain candies that fall out when you remove the first slice.

5. Slice a Cake

Whether you want to be part of the surprise or plan the surprise for your loved ones consider these other fun gender-reveal ideas...