20 Classic Baby Boy Names You’ll Love


Although these names are classic, they are timeless and in recent years not too popular. Therefore, you may find some lovely names for your boy in this list.

1. Abraham

Abraham is a classic Hebrew name and means “father of multitudes”.

2. Edward

Edward is such a classy name! It is also a perfect alternative to William if you would like a less popular, but elegant name.

3. Frank

Frank is a German name that means “free man” or “Frenchman”.

4. George

George is a Greek name and means “farmer” or “earth-worker”.

5. Harry

Harry is the English form of Henry and it means “home-ruler”.

6. Lawrence

Are you looking for an elegant name? Lawrence is a great choice from the ancient Roman times.

7. Mark

Mark is a timeless name that stays always in fashion. Similar to Marcus, the name has the meaning “warlike”.

Every name on this list is a timeless name, yet not so widely used to be in the top 100. Make sure to check out the rest of classic baby boy names below...