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Why Do French Women Over 50 Look So Good? Here Are Their 11 Secrets

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No matter where you look, you’ll find French women exuding timeless beauty, leaving the rest of us eager to discover their beauty secrets. French women have unraveled the mystery of defying aging, and the world is taking notice.

How is it that French women maintain their youthful appearance, even beyond the age of 50? We’ve unveiled their hidden techniques.

1. Not Gaining Weight

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One of the best ways to hide your years is by keeping the weighing scale at equilibrium; French women know that. Weight consciousness is at the top of the list of things to do to stay youthful and beautiful.

Extra weight translates to extra years on your face and body.

2. Walking Instead of the Gym

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A gym is a wonderful place to huff and puff, but for most French women, it’s a lot of sweat, tears, and torture.

Most prefer walking as a form of exercise, and it yields good, if not better, results when the goal is to stay lean and feminine.

3. The “Magic” Pill

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When it calls for it, most French women will not hesitate to grab a pill, cream, or something helpful to deal with whatever aging menace they’re experiencing.

French pharmacies are well-regulated, making it easy to stock up on effective (and safe) firming creams and weight loss pills aimed at meeting the needs of the French woman.

4. The Spa Cure

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A treatment at the spa is not only good for your mood and blood circulation, but Frenchwomen recommend it for turning back the clock on your skin.

Receiving consistent facials and massages can contribute to your efforts in combating wrinkles and cellulite. Additionally, they can assist in toning sagging buttocks, abdominal areas, and breasts.

5. Less Make-up

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Too much make-up doesn’t make you look younger; it mostly makes you look like you’re trying to hide something, unsuccessfully.

Most Frenchwomen’s make-up goes for the most natural look and avoids heavy foundation and concealing.

6. Great Skin Care

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Many French women take great pride and detail in caring for their skin and giving it everything it needs to thrive and stay looking healthy and timeless. Well-looked-after skin will always speak for itself.

Most of their dressing table cabinets will have day creams, night creams, and everything in between, from moisturizers to sun and eye creams.

7. No Soap

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Soap tends to be a little harsh on the skin, especially on the face, and Frenchwomen have been known to avoid it in their skincare routine.

Instead of soap, most prefer to use facial cleansers and other softer and friendlier alternatives.

8. Nips and Tucks

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When things get a little out of place, some French women talk with their dermatologists and plastic surgeons to put them back in place.

Unlike most people from around the world, the goal is to look as natural as possible, without the plumped lips and surprised eyebrows and cheeks that can no longer smile.

9. Hair Rituals

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A woman’s hair is not forgotten in the search to remain chic among the Frenchwomen; it’s an integral part of the whole process.

Taming the manes and tresses is a regular habit, and it helps that it’s pretty affordable to visit hair salons.

10. Confidence

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Confidence is attractive at any age, and French women wear it well. It’s possible to have the best make-up and still look shabby if you’re not confident in yourself.

Looking good is a skill handed down from mothers to their daughters, and the world appreciates the efforts.

11. Self-love

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Loving yourself and appreciating every aspect of your body is key. Little wrinkles make you even more attractive. The closeness of many French families helps them know they’re loved, and they learn to love themselves, too, especially as they get older.


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