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Brother Calls His Sister an Idiot and Bad Parent for the Name She’s Chosen for Her Unborn Daughter

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Choosing a baby name can be a fun process, but it can also feel daunting with the sheer number of choices. How do parents ever decide between unique names, family names, or names with unique meanings? And what happens when they go too far and pick a totally off-the-wall name?

One man shares his frustrations over the name his sister has chosen for her first daughter with an online forum and asks if he took the argument too far.

The Story

The original poster (OP) shares some history for context. He says that his “hippie parents” gave him a woman’s name as a symbol of sticking it to the man. Unfortunately, the OP reports this has led to a life of misery for him with a name he hates. He recalls many incidences of bullying and name-calling in his adolescence. Plus, his name has affected his professional life as well.

When the OP’s sister excitedly shared the name of their unborn daughter he lost it. He said he shouldn’t have been surprised since his sister had the same propensity for seeing her child’s name as a fashion statement.

What was the name? Krxstxl (pronounced Crystal). He said it was surprising that their mom had helped her pick it out.

The Argument

When the OP shared his dislike, his mom started to explain the symbolism of the X’s- to which he said he didn’t care. He said if you want her name to be Crystal, then name her “Crystal.” And that the other version would just be a name she hates her whole life.

When he was brushed off as a big complainer for his own name, he couldn’t hold back his temper anymore. He ranted that they were naming a human, not a dog or a fashion accessory. He his sister and her husband that they were either totally selfish or stupid, or both. In the end, he called them crappy parents for even considering such a dumb name.

He reports his sister is not taking it well and that his mom is furious. He stands by his opinion of the name but wonders if he took the argument too far. Was he being a jerk?

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Learn to Spell and Save that Girl Some Drama

While the OP may have been a little harsh in the delivery of his opinion, it seemed he needed to get angry for them to take him seriously. The community whole-heartedly agreed that the OP has a right to be angry, especially with his past.

The top-voted comment said, “I’m going to get downvoted, but as someone who changed their name the moment they turned 18, you’re right. She is stupid. It’s a horrendous name that will do nothing but get the child bullied. It’s not “unique” or cute. Her child is not an accessory. I personally think stupid crap like this should fall under child abuse.”

Many other users commented how ridiculous using “x” as a placeholder for a sound was.

“Lets get one thing straight here. “Krxstxl” Is not, will not be, and shouldn’t be assumed to be pronounced “Chrystal”. Real life is not algebra class, The letter X is not a place holder for whatever sound they think should be there. Newsflash, that’s what letters are for.”

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Naming a Child is Serious Business

There is a lot of pressure to choose the right name for a child as parents. These parents may have gotten carried away, but hopefully, they heed the OP’s warning and name their child something that won’t result in confusion and bullying throughout their life.

Overall, it seems the OP did his future niece a favor that will help shape her future- if his sister (hopefully) changes her mind.


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