12 Most Popular Baby Girl Names (Aka White Girl Names)


If you name your baby girl one of these ten names, there’s a 100% chance they will have at least one other classmate with the same name due to its crazy popularity.

1. Olivia

This name has Latin origins and means “olive tree.”

2. Emma

This name has Germanic origins and means “universal” or “whole.”

3. Amelia

This name has Germanic origins and means “work.”

4. Ava

This name has various origins and meanings, including a Hebrew origin meaning “life” and Latin origin meaning “bird."

5. Charlotte

This name has French and Germanic origins and means “free man” or “strong.”

6. Sophia

This name has Greek origins and means “wisdom.”

Most of these names are often called “white girl names.” Does that mean they’re only for white girls? Absolutely not! Keep reading and decide if you like any of them to add to your potential baby name list.