Things To Do With Your Baby Outside The House


Spending time outside with your little one does not have to be complex. Keep things simple always, and have fun while at it.

1. A walk around in the park 

Walking is a simple outdoor activity for babies. It will also give everyone some fresh air to reduce newborn cabin fever. 

2. A trip to the playground

Your newborn may be too young to play at the playground, but she can certainly enjoy watching others running around and playing.

3. Tummy time in the backyard

Lay a comfortable blanket down on a safe area in your yard or an area of the park. And let her have fun rolling back and forth.

4. Playing outside with bubbles

Blow some bubbles into the air. Babies love to watch them, and it is fun to do this outside on a nice day! 

5. Go Swimming

Once your baby is around six months, you can take her into the water for a dip. Remember to apply and reapply sunscreen.

Have fun on your adventures and make summer memories by picking some ideas from our baby’s summer bucket list below.