90 Affordable Things To Do When You’re Bored: For All Ages

By Mombloglife

If you find yourself scrolling mindlessly for hours on your phone, filling in empty time, you’ll find something more enjoyable in this list.


Do you have walls, doors, window frames, or anything else that needs a touchup? A good coat of fresh paint can change the look and feel of something.

Paint things


With so many free language apps, learning a new language has become easy.

Learn a new language


Meditation is for more than mornings, evenings, or calming your nerves. Check out Insight Timer or Headspace and find some good reflections for any time of day.



Equally as addictive as an indoor garden and just as rewarding, you’ll have more room for more extensive plants.

Start an outdoor garden.


Is there a senior on your street who needs help with yard work, chores, or anything else? Get your friends together and organize a clean-up day.

Help a neighbor

If you find yourself restless or with nothing to do, check out the rest of the article of 90 things to do when you’re bored, and you’ll be busy in no time.