By Mombloglife

How to Write Meaningful Thank You Notes at Work

While you should make an effort to say thank you at your workplace whenever possible, there are several occasions where writing a thank-you message is worth the effort.

1. After Someone Helps You

Expressing extra appreciation can help people feel that their time or knowledge is valued

2. After You Receive a Raise

When writing thank-you notes for your raise, it’s best to leave the amount or percentage out.

3. After a Team Lunch

One reason to consider writing a thank you note is because the boss, another teammate, or an assistant put in the time and effort to organize the lunch.

4. Just Before Leaving The Company or Changing Positions

Leave a lasting, good impression to help you be remembered fondly

5. Just Before The End of The Year

Writing thank-you notes to your coworkers and boss is a positive way to end the year.

There are many situations where you can write thank you notes at work.

These five examples are the tip of the iceberg.