Summer Bucket List for Everyone To Make Everyday Count

So whether you’re an adult, a teen, or just looking for fun with a friend, try these summer bucket lists for a summer you’ll never forget. 

1. Go on a whale-watching tour 2. Swim with dolphin 3. Cross the Sahara desert on a camel caravan

Summer Bucket List for Adults

1. Build a treehouse 2. Bike across your state 3. Learn to skydive

Summer Bucket List for Teens

1. Lunar eclipse camping adventure 2. Grow a garden from seed to harvest 3. Visit a zoo or aquarium

Summer Bucket List for Kids

1. Experience a helicopter tour over a majestic natural landscape 2. Spend a night in an underwater hotel 3. Spend a week in a secluded wilderness cabin

Summer Bucket List With Friends


What’s on Your Summer Bucket List?