By Mombloglife

19 Fun Springtime Toddler Activities

1. Nature Treasure Hunt

A nature treasure hunt is a great way to get your little ones exploring the outdoors while teaching them about different plants and animals.

2. Vegetable Painting

Let your toddler dip veggie slices in paint colors of their choice, and then press them onto a sheet of paper.

3. Paint Rocks

Give your toddler the freedom to choose which colors they would like to use to paint and design the rocks they found.

4. Have a Picnic

Let your toddler help you pick out the food you will bring, and ensure that you get their favorite snacks and toys.

5. Blow Bubbles

Springtime is the perfect time to blow bubbles outside, especially if your toddler starts getting bored indoors.

6. Jump in Puddles

There’s nothing quite like jumping in puddles on a spring day!

To get more inspiring ideas click the link below. Your toddler will love these springtime activities!