Sensitive Teeth During Pregnancy: What To Expect And How to Cope

by Mombloglife

It’s clear why we would get aches such as back aches, but what are the causes of teeth being more sensitive? There are four possible reasons...

1. Hormones

Pregnancy hormones can have an impact on the way your body responds to any bacteria it comes into contact with. 

2. Increased blood flow

During pregnancy, you have increased blood flow as your system supports the baby.

3. Gum disease

Sadly, pregnant women are shown to be more susceptible to getting discomfort and gum disease. 

4. Enamel Erosion

Both morning sickness and changes in your diet (possibly down to cravings) can impact your tooth enamel.

How to Deal with Sensitive Teeth During Pregnancy

Dental care is even more essential during pregnancy...

- Take note of the foods that trigger sensitivity. - Use a soft-bristled brush. - Limit sugary foods and carbohydrates. - Drink water or rinse out your mouth after vomiting.