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Prayer for Pregnancy: 8 Prayers for a Healthy Pregnancy

By Mombloglife

Here, we share multiple prayers for pregnancy and how to pray for the beautiful gift of life and to keep your pregnancy safe.  

How Do You Pray for Pregnancy?

Prayer for pregnancy isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It can be as simple as opening your mouth and starting to pray.

Who To Pray to To Get Pregnant?

There are many different beings you can pray for pregnancy, depending on your beliefs. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant fast or wish for a healthy pregnancy, several options exist. 

What Is a Powerful Prayer for a Pregnant Woman?

If you’re already pregnant, ask God specifically for a healthy pregnancy–a powerful prayer is a specific prayer. Pray for your baby to carry to term and live a long, healthy life.

What Verse in the Bible Talks About Pregnancy?

Many Biblical verses can be applied to pregnancy and infertility. You can pray these verses over your pregnancy. The word of God is filled with scriptures that can be incorporated into prayers. 

What Psalm Is for the Safe Delivery of a Baby?

While many Psalms can apply to the safe delivery of a baby, Psalm 22:9-10 specifically mentions safe delivery. 

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