What You Need To Know About LR44 Batteries

By Mombloglife

The LR44 battery has become indispensable in recent years because of its widespread use in many smaller handheld electronic devices.  

LR44 batteries are also known as button or coin batteries because their small size and round shape resemble those of a button or a coin. 

What Is an LR44 Battery?

The relatively low weight, small size, and inexpensive price of the LR44 battery make it one of the most frequently used power sources for smaller electronics. 

What Types of Devices Does an LR44 Battery Power? 

The market has numerous varieties of alkaline, silver oxide, and lithium button or coin batteries. 

Types of Coin or Button Batteries  

There are equivalents to the alkaline LR44 battery in silver oxide models only. Alkaline and silver oxide coin or button batteries come in different sizes, so buying the appropriate battery for the specific device is essential. 

Is the LL44 Battery Interchangeable?  

LR44 Battery Equivalents

The alkaline equivalents to the LR44 battery include model numbers AG13, L1154, LR1154, 76A, A76, and 157. The silver oxide versions of the LR44 battery include model numbers SR44, SR44SW, 303, and 357. 

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The letter L represents the alkaline chemistry of the battery, and the letter R represents the battery shape, which is round. The 44 represents the battery’s dimensions, precisely its height and diameter.