Moms Know Best: 10 Humorous Momisms We've All Heard at Least Once 

By Mombloglife

What you grew up hearing in your home was probably common in many others. 

1. There's Food At Home

Every mother who has faced the incessant request for food [mostly junk] while out has resorted to this line.

2. Certified Hydration Reminders

Bad grades? You need more water.

3. The Long Roll Call

A user says, "My mom has 5 teenagers and 3 dogs. She will cycle thru a bunch of their names every single time."

4. Search With Your Eyes

Someone says, "Look with your eyes, not with your mouth."

5. Choices Have Consequences

They will remind them while wiping away blood from booboos and icing bumps on heads.

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Mothers recognize each other by the familiar tones of their admonishments