How To React When Your Adult Child Shares Their Mental Health Issues or Diagnosis


So, you just found out that your adult child has a mental health diagnosis. Maybe you are feeling scared, confused and don’t want to screw up the lines of communication between the two of you.  

Mental Health Issues Can Be Challenging

Mental Illness vs.  Mental Health Disorder

Mental Health Diagnoses Can Be Isolating

Talking About Mental Health With Your Adult Child

Go Ahead, Do These Things:

Be prepared to listen without judging or jumping to conclusions.

Ask them to share information that helped them understand their diagnosis.

Reassure them of your love and acceptance.

Stop! Don’t Do These Things:

Please don’t send them information that contradicts their diagnosis. 

Don’t downplay the impact their diagnosis has on their life. 

Don’t tell them that Aunt Betty had “dark days, too,” and she was happy. 

Now You Know How to Talk About Mental Health

You can help your adult child by being a source of understanding, compassion, and listening when they need to talk.