How To Stop Procrastinating and Start Destroying Your To-Dos 


Sometimes it may involve doing something else to avoid what you should be doing, but not always. 

Is Procrastination a Fear of Failure? A Lack of Self Control? 

Examples of Procrastination 

*You have a sales call to make and scroll through Facebook instead. *You must hand in a report to your boss, and you waste time changing the font, moving sections around, and adding a logo instead.

Why You Procrastinate?

You Haven't Finished Your Thinking 

Thinking things through and deciding what action to take can often be more exhausting than the actions themselves, so you procrastinate and avoid doing it. 

Tiredness at The End of The Day 

When you're feeling good, you can plan to do the tasks you know you want to, but if you only have free time at the end of the day after work, exhaustion creeps in, and you lose motivation. 

You'd Rather Do Something Else 

The third reason people procrastinate is simple; you want to do something else. 

How bad is it that you procrastinate a little here and there? 

Why You Must Beat Procrastination 

You will have days when you feel exhausted and can't complete everything you want to get done. You mustn't treat yourself too harshly.