Worried Your Baby Isn’t Getting Enough? How To Increase Milk Supply 

By Mombloglife

With no concrete way to assess how much milk their breasts produce and the constantly changing needs of a new baby, they may wonder: is my baby getting enough milk? 

Feeling unsure is a part of the breastfeeding journey for many women initially, but learning to trust in your body and your baby's instincts can help immensely.

A Woman's Body Is Designed To Meet a Baby's Needs 

Baby is not gaining weight steadily, losing weight  Infrequent diaper changes  Signs of dehydration include dry lips 

Signs Your Baby Isn't Getting Enough Milk 

A baby who wants to nurse constantly is not a cause for concern  Babies who seem only interested in one breast during each feeding 

Signs That DON'T Mean Your Milk Supply is Low  

Poor Latch or a Shallow Latch  Insufficient Nursing  Stress or Anxiety  Poor Habits Supplementation  Certain Medications  Hormonal Imbalances 

Causes of Low Milk Supply   

How To Increase Milk Supply 

1. Assess The Baby's Latch

2. Feed On Demand

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Each mom has different life experiences and goals regarding whether they want to breastfeed and for how long.