101 Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom


No matter what material thing you get her, your time and words will always be the most meaningful and essential.

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with the words to express how much you love and appreciate your mom.

1. For the Best Friend Mom

When wishing this kind of mom a happy birthday, thank her for always being the shoulder to cry on and uncountable laughs.

2. Short and Sweet Wishes

For simple and direct moms, something short and sweet will do the trick. Add a delicious drink and a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the day.

3. Wishes for Long Distance Moms

When you live far away from your mom, you will want to make sure your words display the love you have.

4. Funny Birthday Messages

For moms that like light-heart, humorous things, a funny birthday message is the best gift you can give her.

5. For the New Moms Birthday

It is nice to hear happy birthday wishes as a new mom, although they are not coming directly from their newborn.

Let the love for your mom show this year with one of these happy birthday wishes...