​​30 Fun Jobs That Also Pay The Bills

By Mombloglife

There are plenty of unique, fun jobs that pay well for those who don’t work well under stress.


If you love dolphins, manatees, and other sea creatures, marine biology might be the career path for you.

Marine Biologist


If you’re really into art, antiques, or history, being a museum curator could be right up your alley.

Museum Curator


Toy making is ideal for creatives who are still in touch with their inner child.

Toy Designer


If you have an eye for fashion, being a personal stylist is a great career option.

Personal Stylist


Have a passion for food and a flair for dressing it up?  Food stylists make food look delicious in advertisements, publications, and films.

Food Stylist

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Jobs don’t necessarily have to be boring. There are plenty of jobs that are both fun and financially rewarding.