Unlocking Secrets of Charlotte Mason’s Educational Methods  (A Homeschooling Curriculum)


As parents choose from an array of teaching styles, some find that Charlotte Mason hits the mark. Is this method right for you?

What Is The Charlotte Mason Home Education Style

It is a method of teaching that emphasizes the importance of developing a child’s intellect, character, and habits

Philosophy of Education

Mason famously asserted, “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.” This could be the Charlotte Mason tagline.

Structure of The Method

Charlotte Mason’s lessons are short and numerous to support each facet of this philosophy. This allows learners to discover a huge variety of topics over the course of a week

Nature Study

Nature study is a core component of Charlotte Mason’s educational methods, emphasizing hands-on learning and exploration.

Aims and Goals

A Charlotte Mason education aims to respect and educate children as whole persons: mind, body, and spirit.

This learning style may benefit youth who prefer shorter lessons, a lot of variety, great books, and hands-on nature learning.