20+ Creative and Memorable Baby Shower Themes to Celebrate Mom

By Mombloglife

Baby showers are an exciting way for expectant parents to celebrate the impending arrival of their bundle of joy.

The most classic baby shower theme of all is simply decorating in the color blue or pink, depending on the baby’s gender.

Classic Baby Shower Themes

Discover more gender-specific baby shower themes. However, these days you can try any of these themes for a boy or girl, too. You can choose what fits!

Gender-specific Baby Shower Themes

Although many of the baby shower theme ideas listed can be adjusted to be gender neutral, the themes below will give you some great ideas...

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Most of the adorable baby shower themes on this list are fun and creative; these ideas take the unique factor to the next level.

Creative and Unique Baby Shower Themes

If you want to get creative with a theme specifically for twins, try these fun baby shower ideas.

Twin Baby Shower Themes

Choosing the right baby shower theme can be overwhelming, but with the right ideas listed below and great planning, you’ll be ready to host a memorable event.