All About Irish Twins: Risks and Tips for New Mom

By Mombloglife

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What Are Irish Twins?         

In the simplest terms, Irish twins refer to two infants from the same mother born less than 12 months apart. While some women plan to have their children born close in age, very few arrange for them to come at this rapid-fire rate.  

Why Parents Give Birth to Irish Twins 

The reasons some parents give birth to Irish twins vary today. A few choose to get pregnant and have childbirth within a short period so they can resume their normal lifestyles.

Where Did the Term “Irish Twins” Come From?

The term “Irish twins” originated from Irish catholic immigrant families who came from this predominantly Catholic nation.  

Is the Term “Irish Twins” Offensive?

The term was originally intended to insult the Irish immigrant population, implying they were uneducated and lacked self-control.  

Are Irish Twins Rare? 

Irish twins aren’t as rare as you may think. While many health professionals advise waiting 18 to 24 months before conceiving again, many of these children have normal lives.