You’re Doing It All Wrong: The Abs Workout You Need, According to a Physical Therapist 

By Mombloglife

We all remember the ab rocker from the 90s that every stay-at-home mom had in their basement. It was an impulse buy they hoped would help redefine their waistlines. 

This applies to ab and core strength. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, seeing how many people are misled by the latest fads, especially regarding something as important as the core, is frustrating. 

How To Decipher All the Medical Mumbo Jumbo 

Myth #1: More Is Better Many people believe doing endless crunches or sit-ups will lead to more muscular abs. However, this is not the case. Quality over quantity is vital when it comes to ab exercises.

Abdominal Exercise Myths That Need To Go Away 

Myth #2: Spot Reduction Work Sorry to burst your bubble, but targeting specific areas for fat loss is impossible. Doing a ton of ab workouts will not automatically lead to a six-pack if you still carry excess body fat. Fat loss happens through overall calorie deficit, not just targeting one area.

Abdominal Exercise Myths That Need To Go Away 

Back to the Basics: Start With Breathing Unfortunately, many people do complex abdominal exercises without building a solid foundation.

The Abs Workout You Need 

Progressing From the Basic When ready to graduate beyond the basics, try building from there with these exercises.

The Abs Workout You Need 

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With the right approach, you can build a strong core without crunching yourself into oblivion.