7 Amazingly Gentle Postpartum Yoga Stretches For New Moms


Taking care of yourself postpartum is crucial to promote healthy adjustment to motherhood. One effective way to boost recovery is through postpartum yoga.

Benefits of Postpartum Yoga:

1. Relieves Stress and Tension 2. Improves Flexibility & Balance 3. Promotes Physical Healing 4. Boosts Mental Health

Here are 7 Amazingly Gentle Postpartum Yoga Poses For New Mom

1. Child’s Pose

The child’s pose is a restful and calming pose that gently stretches the hips and back muscles.

2. Happy Baby

It is a gentle yoga pose that can stretch your inner thighs, hamstrings, and groin and release the hips and back.

3. Gentle Spinal Twist

The gentle spinal twist effectively relieves tension in the back, hips, and shoulders. It also helps reduce tension and calm your mind.

4. Forward Fold

The forward fold stretches the hips, hamstrings, and calves while keeping your spine strong and flexible. It can relieve spine, neck, and back tension.

5. Cat - Cow

Cat-Cow is a gentle yoga stretch that flows between two poses, increasing flexibility to the spine. It helps stretch the back and neck.

With regular practice, postpartum yoga can help you feel more grounded, centered, and physically and mentally strong as you navigate the challenges and joys of motherhood.