Best Aquarium Fish for Beginners


What Makes a Good Beginner Aquarium Fish?

1. Hardy

A fish adaptable to different water conditions will be easier to care for than one with particular needs.

2. Tolerant of beginner mistakes

A fish that will get sick if you do one thing wrong is best left to experienced hobbyists.

3. Peaceful

Aggressive fish can hurt their tank mates or worse.

4. Require minimal equipment

Fish that can get by with a simple filter and tank setup is better for new hobbyists.

5. Resistant to diseases

Fish prone to getting sick shouldn’t be in the care of a novice.

6. Don’t grow too large

You want manageable fish because they tend to have more specific needs and care requirements.

7. Not a picky eater

Beginner-friendly fish will eat commercially prepared fish food, which is widely available.

Click below for detailed tips and a list of the 15 best aquarium fish for beginners to help you start.