14 Quirky Things People Do to Amuse Themselves When They're Alone 

by Mombloglife

In a recent online discussion, people shared the unusual habits they believe only they engage in, and the anecdotes make for an entertaining read. 

1. Remembering Cringy Moments  

What do you do when you remember the moments when you did things you now aren't very proud of? There's a cringy episode in everyone's past, and one online user resorts to singing whenever they remember them.  

2. The Imaginary Mental Committee  

It's a good thing to seek advice before making a decision, and for some people, that advice is from the committee members in the head.  

3. Lawn Mowing Champion  

Lawn mowing can be pretty boring, but one online contributor has the perfect attitude booster when mowing their lawns. 

4. Number Plate Memorizer  

Everyone has little driving quirks they practice while on the road, some useful and some they hope will be useful someday. 

5. Flying Emails  

Sending emails is a mundane task that many find rather unexciting, but one online conversation contributor has found the perfect way to make email sending dramatic.  

Maintaining happiness often involves finding small, personal amusements for those solitary times. Many individuals possess peculiar idiosyncrasies that might elicit laughter or bewilderment in others, but they are perfectly sane.