12 Ridiculously Stupid Budget Busters That We All Need to Stop Spending So Much Money On 


In a consumer-driven society, it's simple to give in to the allure of spending money on things that offer minimal or no value in return. Consider all those small indulgences and habits of yours that deplete your finances. 

1. Extended Warranty on Cheap Items 

Manufacturers often offer an extended warranty in addition to the standard warranty on new items.

2. Cigarettes 

Cigarettes are certainly a total waste of money. One person did the math recently: “I spend a little over 2k$ USD a year on cigarettes. And I live in the cheapest state to smoke. Some states add a $3 tax to every pack. And it's even more expensive in some other countries.” 

3. MLM Products 

Many individuals highlight MLM products as being among the most foolish expenditures one can make. These products are not only overpriced, but they also feel or look exceedingly cheap. 

4. “Unlimited” Data Plans with Limited Speeds 

Nowadays, most internet service providers offer unlimited data plans. However, these data plans can often be misleading for the customers. 

5. Huge Weddings 

“Why drop $50-100k. Why drop that much money on an event? Yes, the memory is important but some folks drop ridiculous amounts on the perfect event when a much smaller one would be more intimate and not bankrupt someone.” Writes someone about huge weddings. 

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