12 Reasons Homework Is Ruining Our Kids' Lives 

By Mombloglife

The excessive amount of homework could potentially have a detrimental impact on children's lives, and here's the reasoning behind this concern: 

Children need to play for them to develop well. The time spent on homework can limit kids' physical activities and play opportunities, affecting their health. 

1. Less Time For Play and Physical Activity

If the homework stretches to late-night, it can lead to sleep deprivation, negatively impacting children's cognitive and physical development. 

2. Sleep Deprivation

A 2012 study on students and homework revealed that students who did homework didn't necessarily do better academically than those who didn't.  

3. Homework Doesn't Necessarily Make Kids Smarter

Learning is supposed to be fun, but too much homework can make kids resent learning and see it as a chore rather than a joyful process. 

4. Negative Attitudes Towards Learning

A heavy homework load can limit opportunities for children to socialize with peers and develop crucial social skills. This is more hurtful for the kids than finishing their homework.  

5. Limited Social Interaction

Kids' aversion toward homework is entirely understandable; spending a full day at school and then coming home to more academic tasks is undeniably draining.