10 Swimming Pool Rules That’ll Keep Your Kids Safe


Pool rules can sometimes seem harsh or strict, but it’s absolutely essential for parents to impose swimming pool rules to keep their kids safe

1. No Running

Running on a wet pool deck can easily lead to a slip and fall injury. It can also cause an unintentional fall into the pool.

2. No Diving

Diving at the wrong angle can lead to a head injury or death, especially in the shallow end. It’s best to avoid diving for everyone’s safety.

3. No Rough Play

Kids tend to want to splash each other aggressively or even dunk their friends under the water, which can easily lead to injuries or drowning.

4. Don’t Swim Alone

Always require adult supervision, even if they are wearing a lifejacket or using some other type of pool float.

5. Protect Your Skin

Skin is at a greater risk of sunburn when around water, so wear sunscreen, hats, or swim shirts to protect delicate skin.

Playing with your kids in the pool is one of the best outdoor activities for parents to try in the summer heat, as long as they keep safety in mind. Here are a few top tips to keep in mind: