10 Gen Z Trends That Totally Confuse Millennials and Boomers 

By Mombloglife

In an online community, there was a discussion about the peculiar trends and behaviors of Gen Z, and all millennials and Baby Boomers were united in the confusion. 


There was a time when crimes were committed under the cover of darkness, and people arranged to have alibis in case they were caught.  

1. Documenting Crimes  

There's no privacy nowadays, as Gen-Zs are bent on telling the world the most mundane aspects of their lives, from the moment they wake up 'like this' to the minute they show you their bedtime routine.  

2. Filming Everything  

Many online contributors admitted to having suffered under Gen-Z's lack of boundaries and reservedness, especially when it comes to posting private matters online.  

3. Their Lack of Reservedness   

Mental health is a serious subject that has been embraced in the recent past, and that's a good thing. However, Gen-Z has made a career out of making mental illness look glamorous. 

4. Romanticization of Mental Illness     

Fashion will not always make sense across generations, and the Gen-Zers are still baffling people with the kind of haircuts they seem to prefer.  

5. Strange Hair Cuts      

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It's only when younger individuals come along that you realize you might be a bit more old-fashioned than you thought. Generational differences are just that—differences. They aren't and shouldn't be a reason for being mean or hateful.