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18 of the Most Basic Life Skills That People Had to Explain or Teach to Others

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Despite the common assumption that adulthood implies a mastery of life’s fundamental complexities, there are occasions when you encounter an adult who requires an intricately detailed Venn diagram just to navigate the most basic of life situations.

Adults online discussed the simplest thing they’ve ever had to explain to a fully competent adult?

1. Contagious Epilepsy

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One user had difficulty explaining to an adult who was having a fit about his epilepsy that it wasn’t contagious.

He says, “This guy was convinced I was giving everyone epilepsy and was really mad at me. He kept saying how irresponsible I was for being in public with this disease, and he couldn’t believe my parents let me out before I got cured.”

Understandably, we were not all good in Biology.

2. No Funds Means, No Funds

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Basic economics states that you can’t pay for anything if you have no money in your account. A casino worker, however, had to give a customer a finance crash course on what it means to be broke.

He shares, “While working in a casino, I had to tell a patron she had no credit available. She insisted she’d sent a check to pay her balance. I explained the check had been returned for insufficient funds.”

3. How Does a Fax Work Again?

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You can’t fax money. You can’t ‘unfax’ something. You can’t fax sealed documents. And finally, you still have the original documents that you faxed.

Online forum users shared their frustrating faxing moments from confused adults.

It’s not the 80s, so we understand why faxing may be a hazy concept for many.

“It’s a fax, not a teleporter.” There can’t be a better explanation.

4. The Kite Concept

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Kites fly, but they don’t fly away. One adult, however, was having a crisis wondering why they didn’t [fly away].

Do you see the string on your hand? That’s why.

5. Are Eggs Vegetables?

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We have eggplants, but that’s not where eggs come from.

One online conversation contributor shares how a valedictorian with multiple academic awards said eggs were her favorite vegetables.

“She thought they grew underground like potatoes. She thought they grew from the “eggs seeds” people throw at chickens. I don’t know how she went 18 years thinking that. I don’t know how she wasn’t legally required to wear a safety helmet.” He adds.

6. Are Eggs Dairy?

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There seems to be a great confusion about eggs, and we haven’t even figured out if they came before the chicken.

One user working at a grocery store says, “I had to explain to someone that eggs were not dairy products. They insisted that eggs were dairy because eggs were next to the milk in the refrigerated section of the grocers.”

7. Can Vegans Eat Fish?

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A vegan explains her frustrations at having to constantly explain that she doesn’t eat fish.

“About 3 times a year, someone tries to start an argument with me because, according to them, I can eat fish because fish aren’t animals. I usually just ask, “What are fish then?” and around 90% of the time, they say fish are a reptile because they have scales and lay eggs.”

Nomenclature is not an easy subject. We understand.

8. What is Ham?

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Ham is pork from a pig’s hind legs. It’s not a bird.

One grown-up had his moment of questioning life when he needed to explain that to a fellow adult. He says, “I have explained to an adult that a ‘ham’ is not a bird. Just think about that for a second.”

A moment of silence for the demise of basic intelligence.

9. What is Scotland?

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An online conversation contributor had to explain to someone “That Scotland is a country and not (as she thought) a theme park.”

To be fair to them, the UK is a bit confusing.

10. Do Not Microwave a Phone

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If a phone accidentally falls into water, microwaving it for 30 seconds doesn’t dry and cure it. One user working in Tec had to make that painful explanation to a 50-year-old man.

Another contributor says, “I had a customer do the same thing! She was like, “I dropped my phone in water and then it was still working. So I put it in the microwave for one second to dry it out and it hasn’t worked since.” I couldn’t hide my shocked face. At all.”

We can excuse the man for his age, can’t we?

“I’m in my 50s and know better. The man was just an idiot.” Someone adds.

There goes our forgiveness.

11. Metals in the Microwave

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Forget about the phone, it’s basic knowledge that heating metals in a microwave is a recipe for a mini kamikaze.

One user says, “I jokingly told a friend they could warm a metal bowl in the microwave. They tried it.”

12. A Titanic Confusion

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Acting involves [re]enacting scenes to make them realistic. One 26-year-old was very confused about the timelines of the Titanic sinking.

She asked, “So, was the Titanic a real ship? Because the news is saying it’s 100 years anniversary, but Leo DiCaprio isn’t 100 years old?”

That’s painful to hear.

13. How Do We Get Wool Off a Sheep?

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If you haven’t grown on a farm, it’s possible that you’d not understand how sheep give wool. But you’re to blame if you get to college still not knowing.

One contributor says, “Had to explain to my college classmate, and later president of the student council, that you do not kill a sheep for its wool.”

14. Dogs are Humans, No?

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A user shared a conversation she had with her mom:

Mom: So people are humans, right?

Me: Yes

Mom: And dogs are humans

Me: …

To be fair, some dogs are more human than some humans.

15. When’s July 4th?

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Umm, are you having a stroke?

16. Paying for Broken Items

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A user writes that they’ve actually had this convo with more than one person, “Why would I pay for my car that was totaled? I can’t even drive it, I’d rather put that money towards a new car” smh some people though.”

17. Quick Math

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Apparently, even as a boss you don’t necessarily need basic math skills for estimating. Someone writes, “I had to explain rounding to my boss at work. Pretty sure he still doesn’t get it.”

18. Time Zones

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Admittedly, time zones are a headache. But one user explains, “A 22 year old college friend who traveled extensively was unaware of the concept of time-zones. I had to explain that when I was in Oregon and she was in Maryland, her 5 PM was three hours before my 5 PM.”


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