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Family Feud: His Sister’s Toxic Gender Bias Goes to Far When She Makes His Daughter Feel Bad

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Being a parent isn’t easy, but it can also be filled with joyous moments. One dad shares how much he loves spending time with his lovely teenage daughter.

The original poster (OP) is a single dad of one daughter who tells the story of how his sister, a parent of three boys, always makes him and his daughter feel bad when she raves about how great life is as a boy mom. After one particular incident, he lost his patience and called her rude. Was he a jerk for calling her out?

The Rude Incident

The OP first mentions that it’s not uncommon for his sister to flaunt her love for being a boy mom. He says she’s embraced it so fully that it’s become quite toxic and drives him crazy, but he tries to keep his mouth shut.

Recently, the dad took his daughter to a Taylor Swift concert, which made her very happy. The OP was also happy to share a moment with her that she enjoyed deeply.

Later, his daughter excitedly told her grandma (OP’s mom) about the concert when she was interrupted by a rant about how difficult it is to raise girls. This left his daughter feeling ashamed, and she stopped talking completely.

Not surprisingly, the dad lost his temper and told his sister to stop being so toxic. He told her she was stupid for always commenting about her boys and how easy they are all the time. His sister and mom then called him a jerk for his rude comments. But who was really the jerk in this situation?

Analyzing the Situation

It is understandable why the single dad got angry at his sister- and the forum community agrees. His sister’s comment was rude and hurt his daughter’s feelings (of course it did, why wouldn’t it). The dad’s sister made it seem like raising a girl is a burden, and her comment made the daughter feel like she is difficult to raise. It was insensitive of the aunt to say such a thing in front of the daughter (or at all, to be honest).

One use writes, “It sounds like your sister is projecting. If she had 3 kids on purpose, she 100% wanted a girl and just never got one. So, now that she’s done having kids, she’s using her anti-girl rhetoric and boy mom perspective as a coping strategy.

That’s just a guess, though. Either way, it’s super weird of her to hyperfixate on the gender of her children that much, and just plain rude to impose that on your daughter. Good for you for standing up for her.”

Ultimately, his sister’s comment was not just an opinion but also an insult0 to both the dad and his daugther. Her comments may make them both feel unnecessarily incompetent.

Stereotypes Are the Worst

The sister’s comment was not only insensitive but it was also based on a common stereotype. Just because someone is raising a girl does not mean it is more challenging than raising a boy.

Every child is unique, and parenting challenges vary based on the child’s personality and individual needs. By perpetuating the stereotype that raising girls is more difficult, the sister is doing a disservice to all parents who are raising daughters.

One writer summarizes this well; ” Your sister is being a sexist. I’m a boy mom. Guess what? We…

  • wait in line for merch…just like girl parents!
  • go to concerts that are expensive…just like girl parents!
  • have to deal with cranky, irritable, emotional kids…just like girl parents!
  • pay a lot of money for our kids’ passions…just like girl parents!

Either gender has its challenges because being a parent is challenging. Sis gets no medals for being a boy mom, just like you get none for being a girl dad (although you do for being a single dad, and all parents of teens get all the medals).

Sis deserved to be called on it, especially as she was heckling your daughter. If mom doesn’t see that, she’s a little toxic, too.”

The Conclusion

Overall, people agreed that the single dad is not a jerk. The dad stood up for his daughter and defended her against his sister’s insensitive comment. He made it clear that his sister’s words were hurtful and inappropriate. The dad also called out his sister’s toxic behavior and asked her to find a new personality outside of being a “boy mom.”

What about the dad’s mom, who accused him of being rude? The community also agreed that she was being toxic. This is a classic example of how sometimes parents can be biased toward their children, even if they are in the wrong. The mom’s comment shows that she is not considering her granddaughter’s feelings and is instead protecting her daughter.

To Each Their Own

Ultimately, parenting is not a competition, and it is not fair to judge someone’s parenting skills based on gender stereotypes. The single dad in this story did the right thing by standing up for his daughter and calling out his sister’s toxic behavior.

Parents should be supportive of each other, regardless of the gender of their child, and not judge each other based on stereotypes.


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