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Always Choose Kindness: 10 Stories That Prove It’s Always Worth the Effort

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In today’s world, where self-interest often takes the lead, acts of kindness may occasionally go unnoticed, their true value underestimated. However, there are moments when the practice of compassion exceeds all expectations, yielding extraordinary and unforeseen rewards.

Someone asked on an online forum community, “What is the best thing that has ever happened to you for being nice?” and the community shared some inspiring stories to prove that being nice can pay off.

1. First-Class Mentor for a First-Class Seat

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One of the users was flying for a job interview from the States to the Middle East. Upon boarding, he found an old man already sitting in his first-class seat. Instead of making a big deal, he gave up his seat and moved to the old man’s seat in economy class.

A man who saw his kind gesture approached him and handed him his business card.

After the interview didn’t work out, he called the businessman he met on the plane. And what happened when he met him in his office? He immediately got hired and his new boss became his life-long mentor as well.

2. An Unexpected Inheritance from a Kind Elderly Neighbor

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A person shared the heartwarming story of how she and her husband became friends with an elderly Englishwoman living nearby. When their friend – who had no family – suffered a stroke one day, they decided to visit her as often as possible in the hospital and continued doing so after she returned home.

About a year later, their elderly friend died. Turns out, “after her first stroke, she had contacted her lawyer, changed her will, and left us [the commenter and her husband] everything. Her house, her bank account, everything. We were flabbergasted.”

3. A Medical Student’s Surprising Exam Experience

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A commenter told the incredible story of one of her senior medical students.

On the way to his final year university exams, her hardworking student met an old lady who seemed to be in need of some kind of medical assistance. “He decided to take the lady to the hospital where she was diagnosed with acute bronchial asthma.” Then he read the prescription given to the lady and purchased the medicines for her.

When the student finally arrived at the university, he was quite nervous because he didn’t have time to revise for his exam. However, when the teacher distributed the question papers “he was amazed to see the first question – “How will you manage acute bronchial asthma?”

4. From Lost Keys to Long-Lasting Love

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Another user said, “I met my husband because I helped him find his keys.”.

As the commenter explained, she was living in the same apartment building with a boy. One day he lost his apartment keys and needed help to find them. She offered her help and after a quick search in his apartment found the lost keys. The next day the boy invited her for dinner, and 6 years later, they were married!

5. The Story of Smiles and a Box of Cookies

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Another user greeted the receptionist in her office building with a big smile every single day. What was his reaction? Most of the time, nothing. Sometimes a forceful greeting or a serious face.

After three months of unwavering greetings, he finally greeted her on his own and gave her a box of cookies. He also told her, “You are really very sweet, and I am very happy that you greet me every single day.”.

Ultimately, she and the receptionist started talking more and became good friends.

6. How a Simple Act of Kindness Transformed a Truck Driver’s Life

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A person who works as a truck driver wrote that one day he was waiting in line to load his truck when another driver who was in a hurry asked him if he could pass in front of him in the line. After giving it a quick thought he decided to let the other driver pass.

“He [the other driver] then told me that he’d just bought another truck and asked me if I would drive it. He offered me much more money than my current employer, so I accepted. That was 15 years ago… and I’m still working for him.”

7. Extraordinary Reward for Holding the Door Open

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One user said, “Once in Reno I held a door open for an older couple who was entering a casino… it was only a random act of kindness really, I thought nothing of it and I like to do those simple little nice things to people. But the couple I held the door open for, the husband gave me money… I’m talking a lot of money… He gave me $3600!!! In hundreds!!!”

8. From An Error at the Bank to Winning the Lottery

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Someone on his way to a soccer match stopped at the bank. The woman working there made a mistake and gave him too much money. When the man realized the error, returned to the bank and gave the money back.

The commenter further explains what happened after this. “When I got to the game I went to buy a lottery ticket from my usual seller only to find he’d gone as the game was about to kick off. I managed to buy one from another girl just before she left. Half time comes and I win the lottery. Wouldn’t have happened had I not gone and put the bank error right.”

9. A Better Grade Due to Honesty

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A comment said “When I was doing my master from university, Once my teacher gave me 15 extra marks in my final exam mistakenly. This addition of marks raise[d] my grade from B to A. When I told my friend she asked me to keep it secret, but I went to my teacher’s room and told him that he mistakenly added 15 marks which raise my grade from B to A. He was astonished and very pleased with my honesty. When our result got published I was still having the Grade A in that course.”

10. A New Passport in Only 6 Hours

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One user shared with the community how he got a new passport in only 6 hours thanks to his good manners.

In 2001, he went to ask for an expedited passport at the Chicago passport office as he urgently wanted to travel to Taiwan. The entire time he was very polite and used words like “please” and “thank you.” Even the clerk was impressed by his politeness and told him that he should thank his mother for teaching him manners. Then she informed him that he can come back in 6 hours to pick up his new passport.


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