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A Teen Mom Encourages Other Women to Have Babies: Should She Be Doing That?

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We have seen many mothers say how much they love their babies and would do anything to give them the world- even sharing their love on social media platforms. These same mothers sometimes say they hate motherhood and how much it has impacted their lives (because motherhood is hard). And yes, it comes from older women in their 30s, not teenage mothers. 

Moms completely understand the concept of loving their baby to the end of the world while sometimes loathing the concept of motherhood at the same time. 

If motherhood (sometimes planned) heavily impacts older women in their mid-20s and 30s, it can be hard to imagine what it can do to a 15-year-old girl. 

Franki, a 15-year-old mother, has a TikTok account where she shares her motherhood journey. On one of her TikToks, she posted a video of herself holding her baby, saying, “This is your sign to have a child.’”

This leaves you wondering, is motherhood at 15 so good that you would encourage people to go ahead and have babies? 

Motherhood Is Definitely Not All Bliss…

According to Do Something Org, 3 out of 10 American teenagers get pregnant before the age of 20. Their research also shows that over 50% of teenage mothers never graduate high school. 

Yes, it happens, but is it something to encourage others to do as Franki does? 

What happens to you if you don’t have family support? 

 How do you juggle motherhood, school, and work? 

The Masses Weigh In

A forum user reposted Franki’s video on the Facepalm subreddit, and it elicited some rage from the commenters. 

One commenter said, “Anyone stupid enough to listen to a 15-year-old give family planning advice was doomed from the start.”

Someone who had worked with teenage mothers said, “Before I gave up on education, I worked with teen moms. It’s never as much fun as they thought it’d be. They almost always think that having a baby will be “fun.” Then they have to go to school, work, and be a mom. They don’t all have a good time of it, especially those without family support. They need a lot of guidance and access to resources to be successful. They still want to be kids and do kid stuff, but they can’t. They think things will be the same for them, only with a baby. We all know that’s just not how it goes. Teen dads get out of a lot of the work because they have to develop their “potential.” Or, they give up parental rights to get out of it entirely. This is usually what the well-off boys do. No rights, no child support. So potential teen moms, don’t assume you’ll have a co-parent! You most likely won’t. You need to be able to do it ALL ON YOUR OWN.”

Backing up the above comment, another user showed how the teenage mum is likely to lift the heavy side of the load. In contrast, the teenage father takes the easier side of the burden, “I recently represented a teen mom trying to enforce child support against the also teen dad. His whole defense was that he should be allowed to focus on high school and not have to get a weekend job to pay. He would lose because that is not a legally permissible argument under the law in our jurisdiction. But to make the point, I had the teen mom outline her average day hour by hour in painful detail. It included nearly all the child care, full-time high school, a work shift, a nightly bath/bedtime routine, and then her window of time for homework. Needless to say… we got our point across.”

And lastly, “Let’s see how she feels when her friends are going to prom, college, getting careers, traveling, and she’s 24 and home with 4 kids.” 

What do you think about a 15-year-old encouraging people to have babies because babies are amazing? 

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