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Funny Romance Fail: You’re Not My Wife?!!

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When a Quora user asked, “What are some epic fails of people trying to be romantic?” The answers were hilarious. People admitted their biggest romance fails, from losing their gift to getting food poisoning after a fancy dinner out.

The most read story involved a man wanting to show his wife some extra love in a moment of inspiration on the top of a beautiful hilltop viewpoint while on a vacation tour. He liked to pick up his wife in his arm at moments like this and has done so in the past.

How romantic! So, what could go wrong? Well, apparently, a lot. And it led to a moment of embarrassment for both the husband and a random woman.

When a Romantic Gesture Turns to Laughter

Well, a Quora user gives the full details of this epic romantic failure that led to lots of laughter for the witnesses.

The man was on an organized family bus tour with another dozen families or so. When he felt his heart swell with love, he went to pick up his wife as he has done many times in the past.

Not the Right Wife

The only problem was, “It wasn’t his wife that he had lifted. It was the wife of one of the other men in the group. She just happened to be standing nearest him at that moment.”

Without looking, he unexpectedly scooped the woman in his arms and quickly lifted her off her feet. It was only when everyone around him erupted into laughter that he realized it wasn’t his wife!

The poor lady stood there mortified as he put her back down while stammering out apologies. He felt completely ashamed for causing such embarrassment to this stranger and flushed red with humiliation. The crowd found it absolutely hilarious and made for a memorable story from the trip.

And what about his wife? Well, she was reportedly a bit cross with her husband for the rest of the trip.

Pay Closer Attention to What Your Wife is Wearing

The storyteller offers some final words of advice: “Dear men…when in a crowd, please notice your wife’s dress color or something that would differentiate her from other women. Otherwise, such mishaps are bound to happen.”

In this case, being more aware of his surroundings definitely would have prevented the situation from occurring in the first place. But he was distracted by the beautiful views.

Read more about the story here.

The man had good intentions in the end, so hopefully, his wife was able to forgive him, and he found another romantic moment to sweep her off her feet.

What about you? What romance fails have you experienced? Would you have been cross with your partner or laughed along with everyone else?

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