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Labor Prep Bundle


This amazing bundle includes everything you need to prepare for labor and childbirth. It includes a birth plan template (literally the most in depth on the market), labor questionnaire, hospital bag checklist, labor tips and guide, postpartum checklist, and beautiful birth affirmations.


If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time thinking about the grande finale- labor and the birth of your precious baby! This can simultaneously bring feelings of excitement and anxiety. 

These are exactly all the resources I wish I’d had when I was pregnant with my daughter but couldn’t seem to find in one easy to find place. 

The 6 resources included are:

  • Birth Plan Template (seriously the most detailed version out there)
  • Labor Questionnaire (to help you decide what kind of birth is best for you)
  • Hospital Bag Checklist
  • Labor Tips and Guide (including natural induction and pain management)
  • Postpartum Checklist Quick Guide
  • BIrth Affirmations (they’re beautiful!)


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