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Baby Shower Games


Baby Showers are such a fun way to celebrate a pregnant mama and her growing baby. It reminds the mommy-to-be that she is surrounded by a supportive community. This resource includes 6 super fun games that you can play virtually or in-person.


Baby showers are always a joyous occasion. It’s a time to celebrate and help a pregnant mom and her growing baby to feel loved. Baby Shower games help up the fun factor and leave everyone giggling as they compete, guess intimate details about the mom, and more. 

These games are a mix of classics and fun new ones. All guaranteed to bring a lot of fun to a baby shower. 

The 6 Super Fun Games included are:

    • Baby ABC’s
    • Guess the Price
    • Guess Who… Mommy or Daddy?
    • Mommy to Be
    • Baby Word Scramble
    • Name that Baby
    • Baby Shower Games Answers Key


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