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A Toddler Escapes the House at 2 am and His Mom is in for a Rude Awakening

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Anyone with a wild toddler can probably relate to this mom’s viral story. It happened almost two years ago, but the issues it brings up related to being a mom of a toddler still ring true. The main point: toddlers can be devilish little creatures that will give you a run for your money.

A Mom’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

The original poster (OP) reports the night started as any other. She put her kids to bed around 8 and went to bed herself around 10:30 pm.

Before going to bed, she checked on her youngest, her 2-year-old son; he slept safely and soundly. She fell asleep with the baby monitor on and the doors to the house locked. Her husband came to bed an hour or so later.

At 1:45 a.m. she was woken up by police. Not at her front door… literally IN her bedroom. They informed her that a small child was found in her front yard crying and screaming he was cold.

She immediately bolted out of bed (luckily, she wore PJs that night) and ran to her son’s room. When he wasn’t there, she ran outside to find him down the street in an ambulance.


Horror story of the year! Childproof your life people cause toddlers are savage

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It’s All a Confusing Blur

The OP was so grateful that the police found her son and took him in. She imagined they had taken him down the street in the ambulance in case they found a violent scene within the home (drugs, murder, etc.). When a little boy is found outside, who knows what the police might be expecting inside.

In this mom’s case, they were all sleeping like rocks. She recalls being very confused why no one in the house, including her dog, mother-in-law, and husband, didn’t hear the toddler escape or the police knocking on the door. They are all shocked and confused as to why it happened.

Mom Guilt Over the Situation

The OP admits feeling seriously guilty over the whole situation. She wondered if she was a terrible mom since this happened. The TikTok community fully supported her, with many moms offering words of comfort and advice for preventing it from happening again.

“I can’t imagine, but you’re not a bad mom. Toddlers are a different breed. He probably planned it.” Said one mom.

Another mom admits, “I used to be judgemental of these stories until having a 2 yo son. The amount of steps it takes to assure he survives everyday is astronomical.”

Quite a few moms could relate too, with their children escaping the house too. They recommended childproofing doors, adding extra locks, and getting a security system.

Kids Keep Moms on Their Toes Every Day

The OP learned the hard way that she needed to take more measures to keep her son inside. She felt so lucky that he was found by the police and safely returned home. She’ll never quite understand why her dog didn’t bark, or she didn’t wake up, but she is now likely extra cautious to prevent another escape.

Kids get crazy ideas (especially toddlers), and it can be hard to predict what they’ll do next. Parents can only do their best to anticipate and learn from their kids as they go along.

Parenthood is a trip, that’s for sure.

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