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She is Sick of All the Harsh Jokes That Compare Parenthood to Literal Torture

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Parenting can be a challenging experience, and it’s natural for parents to want to find ways to cope with the difficulties that come with it. Expecting parents may get many comments about parenting difficulties and jokes about how they can prepare.

However, there is a fine line between humor and negativity, and a recent Reddit thread has highlighted the controversy surrounding jokes about parenting that take it a little too far- equating parenthood to torture.

One Mom’s Frustration

A mother wrote on Reddit how frustrated she is with the continued onslaught of harsh parenting jokes that equate parenting to literal physical torture.

She cited an example of a post on a breastfeeding page that suggested women should cut their nipples with tiny razors to prepare for a newborn. The post was widely shared and received positive feedback from a number of women, which left the mother feeling uncomfortable and concerned about the impact these types of jokes might have on new and expectant mothers.

All Jokes Aside

Humor is a natural way for people to cope with difficult situations, and there is certainly a place for it in parenting. However, when humor crosses the line into negativity, it can be damaging and unhelpful.

The mother who started the thread argued that comparing parenting to torture is inaccurate and unproductive. She proposed that instead of focusing on the challenges of parenting, it’s better to focus on finding solutions and building a positive mindset.

Stop All the Negativity, Please

Many of the commenters on the thread agreed with the mother’s sentiment, stating that extreme jokes about parenting are not helpful and quite frustrating.

One user wrote, “The amount of “jokes” my husband and I have been told about sleepless nights, not being able to do what we want ever again, etc. are annoying. We understand that’s it going to be incredibly difficult, but we are excited and don’t try to undermine that.”

Users also brought up other examples of jokes about useless dads, annoying wives, and wine-drunk moms.

It’s All in Good Fun?

However, not everyone agreed. Some commenters argued that jokes about parenting can be helpful in making new parents feel seen and understood. They suggested that these jokes can provide a sense of camaraderie and make it easier for parents to cope with the challenges of raising children.

One user comments, “Pregnancy so far has been the most difficult thing my body has ever done, and I was an elite athlete for years and have pushed my body incredibly hard in the past. The self-deprecating humor has really resonated with me because there have been moments during this pregnancy where I have just been physically completely destroyed to the point where I truly doubted whether or not what I was experiencing was actually real or not. I take this experience seriously but the dark humor had helped me tremendously to not feel like I’m losing my mind.”

To Each Their Own

Ultimately, the debate around jokes about parenting, extreme or not, boils down to personal preference. Some people find them helpful, while others find them unhelpful or even damaging. Based on this thread, most women are over it.

What’s important is that parents are given the tools they need to cope with the challenges of parenting in a healthy and productive way.

It’s worth noting that the mother who started the Reddit thread clarified that she was not advocating for a “positive vibes only” mentality. She acknowledged that parenting is challenging and that it’s important to be realistic about the difficulties that come with it. However, she argued that extreme jokes about parenting are not doing anyone any favors either.

Parents Need Support

All moms and dads need support throughout their parenting journey. If jokes help with that, more power to them. They can also make friends with other parents, join a local or online parenting group, etc.

In conclusion, it’s natural for parents to want to find ways to cope with the challenges that come with it. While humor can be a helpful coping mechanism, some may go a little too far.

Ultimately, each parent should choose their way of coping and thriving in the chaotic yet beautiful world of parenting.

See the full thread here.

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