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My Family Doesn’t Own a TV: And We LOVE It

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Watching TV can be entertaining, but it’s also so mind-numbing and addictive.

The moment I learned I would become a mom, my world changed, and it did a lot of reflection on how to live my best life with my kids.

Like any parent, I always want to give the best for my child. That’s why I decided not to own a TV in our household. It may sound unconventional, but it has worked for us. My daughter has never watched cartoons (okay, we bribed her a few times when she was potty training with YouTube videos), and I don’t plan on introducing her to them anytime soon.

Here’s why having no TV has been so great for our family dynamics:

Quality Time Together

One of the perks of not having a TV is that my daughter and I get to spend extra quality time together. We have time for conversation, playtime, and doing activities together. We read books, play board games, go on walks, and do arts and crafts. Without the distraction of a TV, we can focus on each other and strengthen our bond.

Self-Entertaining with Imagination

Since my daughter doesn’t watch TV, she has become amazing at self-entertaining with her imagination. She creates her own stories and characters and plays with her dolls, stuffed animals, and building blocks. I am amazed at her creativity, and I’m proud of her for not relying on technology to keep her entertained.

Addictive and Overstimulating

The main reason why my daughter doesn’t watch cartoons is that many of them are made to be addictive and overstimulating. They are filled with flashing lights, loud noises, and bright colors that can overwhelm a young child’s brain. I believe kids’ shows should focus more on learning and development rather than just entertainment (I know there are a few good ones out there, but most just don’t cut it).

Distraction-Free Sleep

Another benefit of not having a TV is that we get to bed on time every night without distractions. We have a bedtime routine that includes reading a story, telling jokes, and talking about our day. It’s a peaceful way to end the day, and my daughter falls asleep quickly and easily (most of the time).

Exceptional Learning

Instead of watching cartoons, my daughter learns in different ways. We read books together, play educational games, and explore the world around us. We visit museums, go on nature walks, and learn about different cultures and languages (she speaks a second language with her dad). My daughter is curious and eager to learn, and I’m happy we can provide her with exceptional learning opportunities.

The Best Decision for Our Family

The decision to not have a TV may not be for everyone, but it works for us.

We have a happy and healthy household where we value quality time, imagination, and learning. On a sick day or extra cold day when everyone wasn’t to rest, we grab our projector for an extra special snuggle session and movie on the couch. But they don’t happen often because my daughter prefers her non-TV activities. She is thriving, and I’m grateful for our decision.

Who knows, maybe she will watch cartoons one day, but for now, we’re enjoying the journey without them.

Do you own a TV? How much TV do your kids watch? What are your favorite shows?

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