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A Man Desperate for Silence Finally Gets His Revenge When His Neighbors Have a Baby

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An online forum user shared a story about how he offered his neighbor a dose of his own medicine when he refused to lower the volume of his system despite asking several times for peace and quiet.

All he wanted was some reasonable quiet hours- was it so much to ask? And now the tables have turned…

Is Our Music Too Loud? Live With It…

According to the OP, his neighbor is a young man who loves music and who had made his life miserable for a long time. They live in identical concrete cider block apartments opposite each other. They used to get along at the beginning.

The only thing that bothered the OP was that his neighbor loved leaving every window and door open and preferred using fans instead of the air conditioner. Since they lived close to a busy road, the noise coming from the neighbor’s house was considerable.

Things took a turn for worse when the neighbor decided to blast music at high levels. The boom could be heard in some of the OP’s rooms clearly because of the resonance, and it could happen any time, day or night.

The OP was losing sleep and was at his wit’s end. All efforts to plead, use passive aggression, and every avenue possible to get the neighbor to reduce the music levels failed. He even invited the neighbor over so that he could hear how loud his system was. It did not change anything. 

A few months later, the OP noticed the neighbor had bought some baby stuff and put them on the patio, and his girlfriend was pregnant. He thought that things would finally change for the better. And it did.

Now the tables have turned. The neighbors have started claiming that they can hear music and sounds coming from the OP’s place, and they are bothering them. They approached the OP and used the same tactics of pleading and begging he had used on them before.

The OP reminded them that his sound could not be heard from their house, and even if they did, they had to learn to live with it.

After some reflection, the OP says he may consider adjusting his music levels slightly because he believes they have learned their lesson.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community had differing opinions on the situation. Many said that the OP was justified for treating his neighbor with a dose of his own medicine.

Treat Others as You Would Like To Be Treated

A user pointed out that the neighbor got what was coming to him, “Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated. Iron Rule: Treat others as they treat you. Neighbor fulfills both of these.”

Another suggests that the neighbors tuned down their music levels just temporarily, “These people will never learn. As soon as their sweet little baby becomes a noisy toddler, you will be back to square one.”

“I wouldn’t change a darn thing, to be honest, maybe this way, they will soundproof their home, and when that kid turns two and starts screaming like a banshee, you will not hear it,” added another user.

Some users do not see why the OP needs to reduce his volume after what he went through. One said, “Don’t see why you need to reduce your sound at all. Everything sounds perfect. Maybe he will move. That would be even more perfect.”

Another person points out that the neighbor may call the cops on him, “He sounds like the type of jerk who will call the cops on you for nighttime noise violations, even though you never called them on him.”

Another user gave their own version and experience, “I had a neighbor that got a new sound system. I asked that they turn it down at like 9 pm. Our living rooms were next to each other (mirrored apartments). They said it was not that loud. I had to be at work at 6 am, and 9 pm was my bedtime.

A month later, I had finally saved enough to get the new sound system I had been looking at. My roommate (who stays up until 2-3 am and sleeps until noon) and I were both into console gaming. We spent a weekend with the sound slightly higher than we would normally have it. Nothing like surround sound FPS, etc., 5:30 am to 3 am (with some breaks for doing things from like 10 am to 5 or 6 pm).

The next week, they were like, “Okay, you win. We get the point; we will keep it down.” Then, we learned that it was a single mom with two teenage boys, and she slept in the living room. (Two bedroom apartments.).”

Do Not Do It at the Expense of the Baby’s Sleep

Several users pointed out that the baby was innocent, and the OP should probably consider this before he takes his revenge. One person said, “You’re certainly not the aggressor here. But just a reminder that the baby isn’t either. I understand the desire to get back at the awful parents. But please don’t do it at the expense of the baby’s sleep. Friendly fire is not justified; the baby is innocent.”

Another was quick to support this sentiment saying, “The GF and baby shouldn’t be punished for the guy’s behavior.”

Do you think the OP was justified in his revenge against his neighbor in the same way they did to him?


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